Aspen Spa

Aspen’s most indulgent spa experience. The intimate Auberge Spa in Aspen at Hotel Jerome is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Drawing from the rich and diverse history of Aspen, the spa program reflects on the traditions of natural healing practiced for centuries here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Incorporating leading edge technology, local minerals and healing agents to create enriching luxury spa treatments during an Aspen massage to support balance, health and vibrancy.


m_veroniqueFeatured exclusively at Auberge Spas like our Aspen Colorado Spa, True Nature Botanicals 100% organic Pacific skin care addresses the causes of aging from the inside out. Auberge’s Anti-Aging and Brightening facials deliver significant complexion-enhancing benefits using this potent all-natural marine-based line. Please visit


Our Aspen spa resort’s signature bath products utilize ingredients that evoke the unique sensory experience of its Aspen Rocky Mountain setting and nourish parched skin. The restorative  blend is created from a careful combination of citrus, sage, lavender, and ylang ylang intertwined with the strong scents of Douglas fir, black spruce and the floral, fruity Owyhee. The in-room bath products are sure to cleanse, nourish and awake the mind and body.





Sanctuary of the Mountains Body Treatment
80 minutes
Restore your energy and find your peace with an evergreen forest massage, which calms the mind and creates deep rest for the body. A native inspired purification for hands and feet prepares you for sacred ground with a clay exfoliation and a steamy healing balm of arnica, white willow and calendula.

High Altitude Sports Recovery Massage
80 minutes
Firm pressure, sports massage techniques and therapeutic oils are a perfect combination after the day’s activities to relieve fatigued or sore muscles and improve range of motion, while also helping the body adjust to elevation gain and altitude changes.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
50/80 minutes
A restorative massage is enriched with an infusion of arnica oil, remedy plants used in Native American herbal traditions and popular today for reducing muscular pain and inflammation.

Botanical Enzyme Renewal Facial
80 minutes
Our spa in Aspen features high performance natural enzymes to target the signs of aging, followed by soothing layers of vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients derived from medicinal plants, this facial leaves the skin deeply cleansed and renewed.

High Alpine Oxygen Lift Facial
50/80 minutes
Exposure to the elements is part of the Aspen adventure, but can take a toll on your skin. This high performance facial delivers much needed oxygen and deep, cool hydration to calm reddened skin, reduce fine lines and provide a visible lift.


We all know the delights of a relaxing day at the spa with its massages, aroma therapy, mud baths and herbal treatments. But spa treatments do more than just relax, they can actually improve our health and well-being.

Spiritual Well-being

Life can be hectic, but achieving a sense of inner peace and balance, leads to a feeling of overall spiritual calm that allows us to face each day with a positive, relaxed outlook.

Stress Reduction

The stressful demands of daily life affects everything about us. Managing this anxiety and stress encourages a relaxed, positive attitude, increasing longevity and physical well-being


Every day our bodies are exposed to chemicals and toxins that can overwhelm our natural ability to remove them. Detoxification flushes them from our body, resulting in improved physical and emotional health.


Solitary moments of peace and contemplation energize and reinvigorate the body and mind, enabling us to live our daily lives with a positive, focused attitude

Improved Circulation

Stress reduction, detoxification, revitalization and spiritual balance, all work harmoniously together to improve arterial and vascular circulation, resulting in an overall improvement in physical health and mental well-being.