The full-service Auberge luxury spa in Colorado at offers a range of exceptional, Alpine-inspired treatments in Aspen, Colorado designed to nourish and energize body, mind and soul. Surrender to healing hands and the rejuvenating properties of indigenous minerals, botanicals and essential oils incorporated to enhance these deeply therapeutic Aspen spa treatments. From The Antidote’s Yogic massage, energy scrub and re-mineralizing soak to the classic Arnica and Birch Deep Tissue Massage, there’s an experience tailored to your specific needs.



A collection of Auberge Spa experiences

The Auberge Spas are distinguished by a sense of belonging to the surrounding land and culture, a strong connection with nature and a firmly held belief in the healing power of pleasure. The Anthology collection embodies these principles in three treatments designed to deliver powerful results in a most pleasurable way. Experience one of the top spas in Aspen today!

Best of Auberge Facial

80 minutes | $285


Our triple action signature facial is the best advanced anti-aging defense using the most cutting edge ingredients from our innovative skin care lines. A blend of botanical enzymes and age defying peels provide immediate firming results to make your skin look years younger and deeply revitalized. A lifting and sculpting facial massage will restore the skin’s healthy radiant glow. Includes a relaxing neck, shoulder and foot massage.

Auberge Attunement

80/110 minutes | $300/$395

A focused state of mind and fluency of movement are hallmarks of a balanced state of being. Harmonize and revitalize the body with this active yet restorative blend of massage therapies. Herbal compresses infused with muscle soothing essential oils are applied to key pressure points to help relieve pain and inflammation common to the active adult. Once the body is warmed a series of assisted stretches, deep tissue massage techniques and hot and cold stones, work synergistically to ease tight muscles and improve flexibility.

Auberge Head to Toe

80/110 minutes | $300/$395

The components of this popular treatment flow gently in and out of our “firm and nurturing” signature style of massage. A stimulating scalp massage and a nourishing hair mask deliver beautiful results while lulling you deeper into relaxation. Warm towel compresses prepare your feet for a smoothing scrub followed by a reflexology massage.


Signature Massage

50/80 minutes | $160/$225

Our signature Aspen massage using classic Swedish and firm techniques will create a deeply relaxed and rejuvenated state of body and mind.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

50/80/110 minutes | $185/$245/$340

Slow focused massage with an infusion of arnica oil, targets specific areas of muscle tightness easing chronic and acute tension.

High Altitude Sports Recovery

80/110 minutes | $245/$340


Firm pressure, assisted stretches and therapeutic oils are a perfect combination after the day’s activities to relieve sore muscles and improve range of motion. Perfect for helping the body adjust to elevation gain and altitude changes.

Hematite and Basalt Stone Massage

80 minutes | $260


Rhythmic massage techniques and the healing power of warm basalt stones blend together with nourishing oils for perfect rejuvenation.

Mother's Massage

50/80 minutes | $160/$225


Enjoy a prenatal massage using organic prenatal oil which relaxes mind and body and eases soreness.

Mountain Revival Retreat

110 minutes | $365

Melt into relaxation after a day on the mountain with this reviving massage utilizing hot stones. A hair & scalp treatment combined with mini facial relieves stress and muscle tension.


Sanctuary of the Mountains

80 minutes | $260

Restore energy and find inner peace with an evergreen forest oil massage to calm the mind and create deep rest for the body. A native inspired purification for the hands and feet finishes the experience with a clay exfoliation and a healing balm of shea butter, arnica and calendula. Pure bliss!


Extreme Hydration Replenishment

80 minutes | $300

The best remedy for hydrating skin in our high Alpine environment begins with a European-style dry brush massage to stimulate circulation and exfoliate. Hydrating milk and Colorado honey drench the skin to replenish and soften, while a deep hydration for the face replenishes moisture for ultimate skin renewal. A luscious body butter massage finishes the treatment for a glowing radiance.

Contouring Body Wrap

80 minutes | $225

A soothing mineral gel wrap and sponge exfoliation which eliminates toxins and restores your skin to its most rejuvenated state.

Miner's Salt Glow

80 minutes | $300

Rejuvenate with a detoxifying body scrub using hydrating rosemary body mousse which leaves you with glowing, renewed skin.


Steamed Towel Massage

50/80 min | $195/$260

An ultra relaxing steam towel massage which hydrates the skin while easing tension.

Aroma Journey

110 minutes | $395

Using energy balancing gemstone oils, this massage restores balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Includes four gemstone oils in a canvas pouch.

Signature In-Room Massage

50/80 min | $185/$245

Bring the Auberge Spa experience into the privacy and comfort of your own suite. Choose from a selection of custom oils and add on a Deep Tissue massage for $20 additional.

Time for Two

50/80 min | $385/$500

A class Swedish massage designed for two, choose from a selection of custom oils and enjoy a sparkling wine together.


Dry Mountain Climate

Aspen’s climate, like that of other high altitude destinations, is characterized by low humidity and intense sunshine. With this in mind, take extra care to protect your skin. Wear a moisturizing facial sunscreen even in the winter, keep a good, natural lip balm and moisturizer on hand to re-apply to dry areas throughout the day, and lather on a rich, replenishing cream before bed.

Altitude Adjustment

At high altitudes you take in less oxygen with each breath. Available oxygen drops as the air density itself drops as altitude increases. Because chlorophyll water acts as an oxygen booster and blood builder, it’s the perfect antidote to altitude-related fatigue. Purchase liquid chlorophyll at a local health food store and simply add one tablespoon to a glass of water to feel the effects. In Aspen you’re also closer to the sun owing to the altitude – sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended for all seasons.

Benefits of Epsom Salt

Few things are more perfectly suited to combating fatigue and muscle soreness than humble Epsom Salt.  Add a few cups to a hot bath at the end of an active day, let the salts dissolve and observe physical tension, stiffness and even swelling dissipate while you sink deeper into a state of relaxation. An Epsom Salt bath warms, detoxifies, re-mineralizes and works to facilitate deep sleep.